Improve Your Bingo Game and Win Big

The popular game of bingo whether it is traditional bingo or online bingo is a game of luck and not really of skill. Although studies have shown that bingo has helped with the motor skills and memory of the elderly, this laid back game has been played over the centuries mainly because it's fun. However, despite traditional bingo and online bingo being based on luck there are still ways to improve our game.

The first thing to do when playing traditional bingo is have a manageable number of cards. Having too many cards can be very confusing and we might just end up forgetting to mark a number that was just called out. If we have too many cards in a traditional bingo game and forget to mark a winning number on one, we will never see the pattern that could've let us win the jackpot. It's a little different with online bingo though. With online bingo, it's a lot easier to mark our cards because it's as simple as clicking on the box with the number that has just been called out and the computer does the marking for us.

In the game of traditional bingo, once a number is called, we hear several dabbers marking the bingo cards. Some get a little too excited in traditional bingo and end up banging the table. We should avoid this as much as possible when we play traditional bingo because it's very distracting to other players and banging isn't exactly going to increase our chances of winning. Besides, in traditional bingo, the dabbers work better when they are not being banged here and there. In fact, we should only dab lightly if we want our dabber to last and not leak. However, in online bingo, there's no problem with this. In online bingo, we don't share tables with other players since all we have is the computer monitor in front of us. Dabbers are useless in online bingo.

This final tip is applicable both to online bingo and the traditional bingo. Bingo is best played at night and doing so could improve our chances of winning. The reason behind this is the fact that there are fewer players at night. Take for instance weeknights when playing traditional bingo. There aren't so many players at night and this means less chances that someone else will call out bingo. As for online bingo, weekends should be avoided.


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