Bingo Affiliate Program: Make It Work and Make Money

Because of its high player retention rate, online bingo is considered one of the fastest gambling sectors on the web. Online bingo sites generate revenue from sales of bingo cards. You can participate in the growth of online bingo by joining a bingo affiliate program. With a bingo affiliate program, you get the chance to earn a percentage of the bingo room income by promoting a bingo room and by encouraging players to sign up with that room.

If the player signed up with a bingo room through your site, you will receive a share of that revenue regardless of whether they win or not.

Not only that, you also get the chance to earn a lifetime commission for every player you refer. Most bingo affiliate programs offer a commission rate of 20% to 35%. There are also some that offer even more. Alternatively, you can opt for a flat rate fee. This type of agreement is known as cost per acquisition or CPA.

Before signing up with an online bingo affiliate program, do a little research. What is the player retention rate of the bingo room you plan to promote? It is vital that you get a feel of its bingo community. Are the chat room members friendly? Do the members chat a lot? One secret in making money through a bingo affiliate program is to promote a site that has a high record track of retaining players.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the tracking software of the bingo affiliate program. It has to be reliable, and should provide you with detailed stat reports and marketing tools. One effective way to promote an online bingo room is to emphasize the deep sense of community the bingo room you are promoting has. Why do you need to capitalize on this? Because surveys show that bingo players (who are mostly women) are more inclined to chat and discuss things with other players. Forums are one popular place where you can promote a bingo room because this is where bingo players discuss anything and everything about bingo.

You can also write a blog about bingo, but at the same time integrate your marketing goal. Talk about the bingo industry in general, talk about any bingo-related topic, talk about bingo tips and strategies. This way, you will engage other bingo players to participate in your blog by posting comments or reactions.

There are many other ways to increase the chances of driving visitors to your site, and, therefore, potential customers to drive to the bingo site you are promoting. Joining bingo affiliate program gives you the chance to get a share of their revenue, but you need to figure out how to make it work.


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